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Our Mission

Family Office Institute (FOI) is an independent organization that facilitates exchange, discussion, and discovery amongst qualified family offices and principals based in Asia or with business interests in Asia.

Our Story

Family Office Institute (FOI) was set up in Hong Kong in 2020 to meet the evolving needs of family offices across Asia for information, new ideas and discussion amongst their peers.  FOI is an independent organization that seeks to create a private forum for family offices and high net worth families in the region, where they can exchange views and explore opportunities for collaboration.

FOI offers its own proprietary content and expert views from investors, academics and family practitioners, in the form of roundtables, podcasts and networking opportunities, as well as through the “Insights” pages on our website.  Our Members Only events offer a confidential space to share knowledge and compare challenges and experiences.

Thought Leadership

Through our proprietary content and access to experts, FOI brings together news and analysis of key issues and trends affecting family offices and business families: from business transformation, leadership succession and market dynamics, to family office management and best practice.

Best Practices

Family office practitioners and experts from across the region offer insights on best practice: from asset allocation and manager selection to reporting, governance and human capital.

Investment Ideas

Analysis and discussion of trends and opportunities in public and private markets, real and alternative assets, as well as the latest investment themes for family office, such as technology, virtual assets, green and sustainable assets, impact investing

Family Matters

A chance to discuss the softer side of the family office: succession planning, global families, educating the new generation, family governance, legacy and philanthropy.

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